Monday, March 10, 2008 -- Fiction HQ

I recently picked up, thinking that I might develop it at some point, but I then discovered that it had already been an active user-generated content fan fiction website; for a while and my parking stats bore this out.

I wonder why the original domain owner let the site drop? It IS a natural for such a site. If any original Fiction HQ members of this now-defunct site are out there and would be interested in seeing this website rise from the ashes like the Phoenix, please let me know.

Such a site would have to be user-generated because I'm already stretched thin in this blogging and domaining enterprise.

One thing, though: I just have to learn how to set up a user-generated site. If any experienced domainers know how to set up an easy user-generated site, please let me know.

Meanwhile, will remained parked; the residual traffic is bringing in some revenue, but I'd rather see the domain developed.

Meanwhile, I'll poke around on the web for more info.