Monday, March 10, 2008 -- Tax Preparation is for sale! The domain is for sale at Sedo, and the opening bid should be $1,500.00, although I will consider lower bids.

This domain is now available for transfer.

This domain would be a perfect generic for a tax preparation business; Google and Yahoo would not care that this domain is just a .biz; if developed right, this domain could be a powerhouse domain name bringing significant traffic to a tax preparer, both great and small.

Your main domain competition would be ,,,, and,, and, all of which are either parked (pages filled with ads and not being used for an actual business) or not resolving to any website. At this writing, could own the tax prep field for this generic term.

Therefore, the field would be clear for an entrepreneur to develop a powerhouse online presence. You would not even need to change the name of your business--just change your business domain address or redirect this domain to your current site. A web developer can help you make the best decision on how to develop your site.

Here are the numbers that indicate the search popularity search of a term. In this case, the term "Tax Preparation" garners the following numbers:

Keyword Discovery: 18 searches per day
Overture: 4,481 searches per day

These numbers are approximations, of course. To do your own number crunching, see the Self SEO website (I'm not affiliated with this site, but I use it often).

Google searches for "Tax Preparation" (in quotation marks): 5,640,000
Google Sponsored Ads: approximately 18 PAGES (10 ads per page)

Google searches for Tax Preparation (without quotation marks): 6,230,000
Google Sponsored Ads: approximately 9 PAGES (10 ads per page)

Google searches for TaxPreparation (two words run together as one term): 9,000
Google Sponsored Ads: approximately 10 PAGES (10 ads per page)

Google searches for (the actual domain name): 4 (one is my I Find Domains site). This is a good sign because that means Google has already added the URL to its search engines.
Google Sponsored Ads: approximately 3 ads

Unlike, this is not a direct navigation domain; in other words, searchers are not likely to type in in the URL box. This domain's value lies in its development by an end-user, an actual tax preparer.

For more information, email me. For other great domains, see I Find Domains.